20. Super PI

Casey turns into a super hero, or so he thinks.

Comic Transcripts

Narrator: At the hardware store…
Customer: Hello, I’m building a cat’s scratching post, how many of this rope do I need to wrap it around a four inches wide by three feet tall tube?
Clerk: hmm, I’m not sure. that’s a one forth of an inch rope. let me see…
Casey: I know this one. My time has finally come. Excuse me if I may. I think I may be able to assist you on this one
Narrator: *Caution: math talk ahead, skip if allergic.
Casey: *One single round of rope will be four-times pi, which is 12.56, then that times four for a single Inch since the rope is a one fourth of an Inch thick and we need whole inches, so that’d be 50.24 and then, this value times 36 SINCE THE POST IS three feet TALL, HMMM, 1800 AND 8.64 EQUALS 1808,64 but that is the total in inches, AND THAT in feet Will be…
Casey: hmm… hmmm
Casey: 150 feet and EIGHT ALMOST NINE inches!
Casey: hey!

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