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On how to be your own boss at something… or maybe not.

Comic Transcripts

Frame 1

Narrator: One day while at work…

Narrator: Not his actual job

Dad: Mmm, I think I can make a webcomic…

Frame 2.

Dad: I could be about us, we’re funny… sometimes.

Dad: I’ll get to be my own boss.

Dad: And won’t take orders from anybody

Frame 3.

Narrator: Back at home

Dad: Since my english level is like a first grader’s It’ll be appealing to them as well.

Frame 4

Dad: Hey guys, I made a sketch

Dad: Come and check it out!

Frame 5.

Wife: I’m not fat, draw me thinner

Wife: You have beard, but not there, where is it?

son: wow, I don’t like that chin, remove it!

son: no chin for me!

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