A Couple and a kid is a properly named comic that revolves around the life of a couple that happens to have a kid.

A Couple on a Kid is loosely based on the author’s family life. Sometimes events are depicted as they happened; other times, reality is just the starting point, but the alternate ending is shown; and the rest of the times, stories are pure and totally fiction (like that time when the author thought he was in charge.)

The Characters.


Dad has a day job, handy man that loves to cook for his loved ones, also draws at night.


Mom opted  to quit her job when the kid was born; now that he is growing up, she got back to college, is thinking in getting a job or doing something on her own.


Kid loves Legos and movies, also lego movies, likes a lot to draw. One day he kindly requested mom to step down from cooking so now is dad who does it most of the time.

Max (dog)

Golden retriever, loves to be part of the family, fortes are: sleep, eat and pooping.

Dante (cat)

Himalayan cat, he thinks he is in charge, also he is a little pissed his name is not being mentioned in the comic title. Plays it cool but also loves to take short naps on top of mom’s or dad’s sandals.

The Author.

Carlos David Zumbado Rodriguez (kadazuro) lives in Costa Rica along with his lovely wife Ale and his awesome kid Lucas.

Carlos always loved to draw since it was a little kid, in mid school he figured it out his nickname by taking the first two letters of his two names and two last names (changed the “c” for a “k” for a more appealing look). And started using it to sign his drawings.

He learned to draw on his own, so that’s why the drawings look like that.